Hacked Internet of Things Database – Gadgets, Cameras, Wireless Routers

Last Update: August 5, 2020

Internet of Things Scanner

Run this online scanner to see if any of your IOT devices are visible and need to be secured.

October 2017 Wi-Fi KRACK attack Warning

KRACK attack on Wi-Fi. Attackers can use this novel attack technique to read information that was previously assumed to be safely encrypted.  Virtually ALL Wi-Fi equipped devices need to be updated.  The attack is particularly bad on Android 6.0 and Linux. If you have a device with no updates (eg Internet of Things), you will be open to attacks.

You should not be using any non-802.11ac devices any more, if at all possible; and you should make absolutely certain you’ve updated the firmware on all routers to the latest available version.

If that newest available firmware version is older than November 2017, it is without a doubt vulnerable to KRACK, and you’re going to need to discard and replace that device. If it’s older than, say, July 2018 it might or might not include KRACK mitigations, and you should go through all of that device’s firmware release notes since November 2017 to make certain.

Securing Internet of Things, Smart Home Devices

More and more gadgets for the home are connected to the Internet for additional functionality. Refrigerators to Thermostats to Door Locks, the list is never ending. Do not forget about security. You may have created an open door for hackers, become part of an evil Botnet, or illegal activity without your knoawledge.

A vulnerable webcam can give ANYONE on the Internet a view of your home. Secure these home gadgets as strongly as possible. Many can NEVER be updated, which means that you should discontinue their usage.

Wi-Fi Network Connection

Here are some general tips to secure your new IOT or smart home devices:

  1. Change the default password or credentials of the Device
  2. Update the device to the latest firmware available. If the company does not have a firmware update page on their website, we would return it. Do this again every couple months.
  3. Connect your IOT device such as a Dropcam or Nest Smoke Detector to your Guest Wi-Fi network whenever possible.  This network should be walled off from the normal network, preventing access to all your Computers.  Malicious devices could snoop on your network and quietly send information without your knowledge.
  4. If the Wireless routers guest network is not secure, it is even better to have 3 routers in a Y configuration. You can purchase an inexpensive router that hooks up to your Cable/DSL modem, then have 2 separate wireless routers connected to this device. Put all Internet of Things devices on one of the Y routers. Connect your computers, smartphones, tablets to the other router.
  5. Have the Guest network that IOT devices are on, use a different dns server
  6. Turn off uPNP on your router to prevent ports from being opened up to access IOT devices.
  7. Never poke a hole through your firewall for a device. It could then be accessed by anyone on the Internet! Use Shields Up! to look for open ports.
  8. Peer to Peer capabilities are hard to secure. Avoid devices with this.
  9. Cheaper IOT devices especially no name ones sold on Amazon or eBay should be avoided. Most of these are rarely built with security in mind and are never updated.  Stick to brand name, IE Netgear, Google, Ring, etc..

Even the NSA is loving the rise of all these IOT devices to let them hack more easily. CCTV cameras were involved in a DDoS attacks, taking down small businesses who did not pay ransom.

Hacked Internet of Things Insecure Device List

Baby Monitors

Gynoii – Details

iBaby M3S, iBaby M6 – Details

Lens Peek-a-View – Details

Philips In.Sight B120/37 – Details

Summer Baby Zoom Wifi Monitor & Internet Viewing System – Details

TRENDnet WiFi Baby Cam TV-IP743SIC – Details


AuYou Wi-Fi Smart Outlet Switch – Details

Ceomate Bluetooth Smart Doorlock – Details

Elecycle EL797 & EL797G Smart Padlock – Details

iBluock Padlock – Details

Garage doors with no rolling codes – Details

Kwikset – Smartkey locks – Details

Lagute Sciener Smart Doorlock v3.3.0 – Details

LIFX Smart LED Light BulbDetails

Mesh Motion Bitlock Padlock v1.4.9 – Details

Okidokey Smart Doorlock v2.4 – Details

Plantraco Phantomlock v1.6 – Details

Poly Control Danalock Doorlock – Details

Quicklock Doorlock & Padlock – Details

Samsung Smart TVs 2015 – Details

TRANE Comfortlink XL850 – Details

Vians Bluetooth Smart Doorlock – Details

Kitchen Appliances

Smarter Wi-Fi iKettle – Details


St. Jude Medical Cardiac Pacemakers – Details


Dog Training System – Details


Yale Zigbee Doorlock – Details


Boosted, Revo, Yuneec Electric Skateboards – Details

Cayla Doll – Details – Banned in Germany ($26,000 fine!)

Cloud Pets – Details

Fredi Baby Monitor – Details

Hello Barbie – Details

iSPY Camera Tank – Details

Vtech Learning Lodge – Details

Webcams – IP Cameras – DVR

This category is a minefield.  Look how many people have their cameras made public on Insecam.com – Stick to a Dropcam or Ring Doorbell camera.

In September 2016 a massive number of IP Cameras and DVRs were hacked and used to DDOS or take off the Internet due to high traffic, websites. Each has a hard coded telnet username and password of root – xc3511 – XiongMai Technologies of Hangzhou, China, created many of these devices that are rebranded by others and sold. If you have one, updated it and change its password immediately.

We would never buy a no-name IP camera from amazon, you are just asking for it.

ACTi IP Camera – default login

ANKO Products DVR – default login

AVTECH IP Ccameras, NVR, DVR – Details

Axis IP Camera – default login – Watch video with no Passwords! – Update your camera

CCTV-DVR – Over 70 different Vendors – Details

D-Link DCS930L, DCS932L – Details

Dahua Security Cameras – default login– Must change default password and update firmware right away – Some have hardcoded backdoor ONVIF password of admin/admin. – Details – Includes:


Dahua IP Camera – default login

Dahua IP Camera HDW4300C – default login

Dahua DVR – default login

Defeway – Watch video with no Passwords

Dreambox TV receiver- default login

Eminent EM6220 – Details

EV ZLX Two-way Speaker

Foscam – different brand names in Europe – Authenticate you with ‘admin’ without requiring password – Foscam C1 IP – Details

Guangzhou Juan Optical – default login

Hanwha Techwin SNH-V6410PN/PNW Smart Cam, Samsung SNH-V6410 and other cameras using same software – Details
Hootoo HT-IP211HP
H.264 – Chinese DVR – Details
Hikvision Cameras and DVRs – default password (12345), Details
HiSilicon IP Camera – Details – Details2 – Details3
 Also known as bigfish, hi3520d, godarm, godnet, hi3535
IPX-DDK Network Camera – Details
IQinVision Cameras – Details
IZON – Details
Jaws – Details
Lilin DVR DHD516A, DHD508A, DHD504A, DHD316A, DHD308A, DVD304A – Details
Lilin IP Camera DHD 204, DHD204A, DHD208, DHD208A, DHD216, DHD216A
Linksys – Watch video with no Passwords!
Loftek CXS 2200, DSSv-2200 – Details
Mobotix Network Camera – Details
Packet8 VOIP Phone – Details
Panasonic – Watch video with no Passwords!
Q-See QC-818
Supra Maginon IPC-20 – Details
Swann security camera – Details

Netgear Arlo – Details

RaySharp DVRs – Details

Samsung IP Camera – Details

Shenzhen Anran Security Cameras – Details

Shenzhen Neo iDoorbell or NIP-22 – Details

Sony – IPELA Engine IP Cameras – Details

SNC-CX600, SNC-CX600W, SNC-EB600, SNC-EB600B, SNC EB602R, SNC-EB630, SNC-EB630B, SNC-EB632R, SNC-EM600, SNC-EM601, SNC-EM602R, SNC-EM602RC, SNC-EM630, SNC-EM631, SNC-EM632R, SNC-EM632RC, SNC-VB600, SNC-VB600B, SNC-VB600B5, SNC-VB630, SNC-VB6305, SNC-VB6307, SNC-VB632D, SNC-VB635, SNC-VM600, SNC-VM600B, SNC-VM600B5, SNC-VM601, SNC-VM601B, SNC-VM602R, SNC-VM630, SNC-VM6305, SNC-VM6307, SNC-VM631, SNC-VM632R, SNC-WR600, SNC-WR602, SNC-WR602C, SNC-WR630, SNC-WR632, SNC-WR632C, SNC-XM631, SNC-XM632, SNC-XM636, SNC-XM637, SNC-VB600L, SNC-VM600L, SNC-XM631L, SNC-WR602CL, SNC-CH115, SNC-CH120, SNC-CH160, SNC-CH220, SNC-CH260, SNC-DH120, SNC-DH120T, SNC-DH160, SNC-DH220, SNC-DH220T, SNC-DH260, SNC-EB520, SNC-EM520, SNC-EM521, SNC-ZB550, SNC-ZM550, SNC-ZM551, SNC-EP550, SNC-EP580, SNC-ER550, SNC-ER550C, SNC-ER580, SNC-ER585, SNC-ER585H, SNC-ZP550, SNC-ZR550, SNC-EP520, SNC-EP521, SNC-ER520, SNC-ER521, and SNC-ER521C.

Toshiba Network Camera – Details

VideoIQ – Details

Vivotek IP Camera – Details

Security Researchers have found Security Holes

SmartThings – Details

Sony – Watch video with no Passwords!

TPLink- Watch video with no Passwords!

Universal Plug and Play UPnP – Always turn it off in your router! – Details

Vacron – Details

Wireless IP Camera (P2) Wificam – Details also known as:

Foscam C2 also known as: Chacon, Thomson, 7links, Netis, Turbox, Novodio, Ambientcam, Nexxt, Technaxx, Qcam, Ivue, Ebode, Sab, and Opticam.

3G+IPCam Other
3com CASA
3com Other
3xLogic Other
3xLogic Radio
4UCAM Other
4XEM Other
555 Other
7Links 3677
7Links 3677-675
7Links 3720-675
7Links 3720-919
7Links IP-Cam-in
7Links IP-Wi-Fi
7Links IPC-760HD
7Links IPC-770HD
7Links Incam
7Links Other
7Links PX-3615-675
7Links PX-3671-675
7Links PX-3720-675
7Links PX3309
7Links PX3615
7Links ipc-720
7Links px-3675
7Links px-3719-675
7Links px-3720-675
A4Tech Other
ABS Other
ALinking ALC
ALinking Other
ALinking dax
AMC Other
ANRAN ip180
AVACOM h5060w
AVACOM h5080w
Acromedia IN-010
Acromedia Other
Advance Other
Advanced+home lc-1140
Aeoss J6358
Aetos 400w
Agasio A500W
Agasio A502W
Agasio A512
Agasio A533W
Agasio A602W
Agasio A603W
Agasio Other
AirLink Other
Airmobi HSC321
Airsight Other
Airsight X10
Airsight X34A
Airsight X36A
Airsight XC39A
Airsight XX34A
Airsight XX36A
Airsight XX40A
Airsight XX60A
Airsight x10
Airsight x10Airsight
Airsight xc36a
Airsight xc49a
Airsight xx39A
Airsight xx40a
Airsight xx49a
Airsight xx51A
Airsight xx51a
Airsight xx52a
Airsight xx59a
Airsight xx60a
Akai AK7400
Akai SP-T03WP
Alecto 150
Alecto Atheros
Alecto DVC-125IP
Alecto DVC-150-IP
Alecto DVC-1601
Alecto DVC-215IP
Alecto DVC-255-IP
Alecto dv150
Alecto dvc-150ip
Alfa 0002HD
Alfa Other
Allnet 2213
Allnet ALL2212
Allnet ALL2213
Amovision Other
Android+IP+cam IPwebcam
Anjiel ip-sd-sh13d
Apexis AH9063CW
Apexis APM-H803-WS
Apexis APM-H804-WS
Apexis APM-J011
Apexis APM-J011-Richard
Apexis APM-J011-WS
Apexis APM-J012
Apexis APM-J012-WS
Apexis APM-J0233
Apexis APM-J8015-WS
Apexis H
Apexis HD
Apexis J
Apexis Other
Apexis PIPCAM8
Apexis Pyle
Apexis XF-IP49
Apexis apexis
Apexis apm-
Apexis dealextreme
Aquila+Vizion Other
Area51 Other
ArmorView Other
Asagio A622W
Asagio Other
Asgari 720U
Asgari Other
Asgari PTG2
Asgari UIR-G2
Atheros ar9285
AvantGarde SUMPPLE
B-Qtech Other
B-Series B-1
Beaulieu Other
Bionics Other
Bionics Robocam
Bionics T6892WP
Bionics t6892wp
Black+Label B2601
Bravolink Other
Breno Other
CDR+king APM-J011-WS
CDR+king Other
CDR+king SEC-015-C
CDR+king SEC-016-NE
CDR+king SEC-028-NE
CDR+king SEC-029-NE
CDR+king SEC-039-NE
CDR+king sec-016-ne
CDXX Other
CDXXcamera Any
Camscam JWEV-372869-BCBAB
Casa Other
Cengiz Other
Chinavasion Gunnie
Chinavasion H30
Chinavasion IP611W
Chinavasion Other
Chinavasion ip609aw
Chinavasion ip611w
Cloud MV1
Cloud Other
CnM IP103
CnM Other
CnM sec-ip-cam
Compro NC150/420/500
Comtac CS2
Comtac CS9267
Conceptronic CIPCAM720PTIWL
Conceptronic cipcamptiwl
Cybernova Other
Cybernova WIP604
Cybernova WIP604MW
D-Link DCS-910
D-Link DCS-930L
D-Link L-series
D-Link Other
DB+Power 003arfu
DB+Power HC-WV06
DB+Power HD011P
DB+Power HD012P
DB+Power HD015P
DB+Power L-615W
DB+Power LA040
DB+Power Other
DB+Power Other2
DB+Power VA-033K
DB+Power VA0038K
DB+Power VA003K+
DB+Power VA0044_M
DB+Power VA033K
DB+Power VA033K+
DB+Power VA035K
DB+Power VA036K
DB+Power VA038
DB+Power VA038k
DB+Power VA039K
DB+Power VA039K-Test
DB+Power VA040
DB+Power VA390k
DB+Power b
DB+Power b-series
DB+Power extcams
DB+Power eye
DB+Power kiskFirstCam
DB+Power va033k
DB+Power va039k
DB+Power wifi
DNT CamDoo
Dagro DAGRO-003368-JLWYX
Dagro Other
Dericam H216W
Dericam H502W
Dericam M01W
Dericam M2/6/8
Dericam M502W
Dericam M601W
Dericam M801W
Dericam Other
Digix Other
Digoo BB-M2
Digoo MM==BB-M2
Digoo bb-m2
Dinon 8673
Dinon 8675
Dinon SEGEV-105
Dinon segev-103
Dome Other
Drilling+machines Other
E-Lock 1000
EOpen Open730
EST Other
EZCam Other
EZCam Pan/Tilt
EasyCam EC-101HD
EasyCam EC-101HDSD
EasyCam EC-101SD
EasyCam EC-102
EasyCam Other
EasyN 187
EasyN 1BF
EasyN 720P
EasyN F
EasyN F-136
EasyN F-M136
EasyN F-M166
EasyN F-M181
EasyN F-M1b1
EasyN F133
EasyN F2-611B
EasyN F3
EasyN F3-166
EasyN F3-176M
EasyN F3-M166
EasyN F3-Series
EasyN F3-m187
EasyN F3M187
EasyN FS-613A-M136
EasyN FS-613B
EasyN FS-613B-M166
EasyN FS613
EasyN F_M10R
EasyN H3-V10R
EasyN H6-M137h
EasyN M091
EasyN Other
EasyN est-007660-611b
EasyN est-007660333
EasyN f
EasyN f-Series
EasyN f138
EasyN f_series
EasyN fseries
EasyN kitch
EasyN s
EasySE F/B/N/I
EasySE H3
EasySE H3e
EasySE Other
Ebode IPV38W
Ebode IPV58
Ebode Other
Ego Other
Elro 901
Elro 903
Elro 903IP
Elro C7031P
Elro C703IP2
Elro C704-IP
Elro C704IP
Elro C704IP.2
Elro C704ip
Elro C803IP
Elro C903IP
Elro C903IP.2
Elro C904IP
Elro C904IP.2
Elro IP901
Elro Other
Eminent 6564
Eminent EM6220
Eminent EM6564
Eminent em6220
Esky C5900
Esky L
Esky Live
Esky c5900
Eura-Tech IC-03C3
EyeCam ICAM-608
EyeCam IP65IW
EyeCam Other
EyeIPCam IP901W
EyeSight ES-IP607W
EyeSight ES-IP811W
EyeSight ES-IP909IW
EyeSight ES-IP935FW
EyeSight ES-IP935IW
EyeSight IP910IW
EyeSight IP915IW
EyeSight Other
EyeSight ip609IW
EyeSight ip909iw
EyeSight ip915iw
EyeSight mjpeg
EyeSpy247 Other
F-Series Ip
F-Series Other
F-Series ip
First+Concept Other
Focuscam F19821W
Foscam FI18904w
Foscam FI18905E
Foscam FI18905W
Foscam FI18906w
Foscam FI1890W
Foscam FI18910E
Foscam FI18910W
Foscam FI18910w
Foscam FI18916W
Foscam FI18918W
Foscam FI18919W
Foscam FI19810W
Foscam FI8094W
Foscam FI81904W
Foscam FI8601W
Foscam FI8602W
Foscam FI8606W
Foscam FI8610w
Foscam FI8903W
Foscam FI8903W_Elita
Foscam FI8904
Foscam FI8904W
Foscam FI8905E
Foscam FI8905W
Foscam FI8905w
Foscam FI8906w
Foscam FI8907W
Foscam FI8908W
Foscam FI8909W
Foscam FI890W
Foscam FI8910
Foscam FI8910E
Foscam FI8910W
Foscam FI8910W_DW
Foscam FI8910w
Foscam FI8916W
Foscam FI8918
Foscam FI89180w
Foscam FI8918E
Foscam FI8918W
Foscam FI8918w
Foscam FI8919W
Foscam FI9804W
Foscam FI9805E
Foscam FI9810
Foscam FI9810W
Foscam FI9818
Foscam FI9820w
Foscam FI9821W
Foscam FI9821w
Foscam FL8910
Foscam FS18908W
Foscam FS8910
Foscam Fi8910
Foscam Other
Foscam fI8989w
Foscam fi1890w
Foscam fl8910w
FoxCam PTZ2084-L
General Other
Generic All-in-one
Generic Billy
Generic DomeA-Outdoor
Generic IP
Generic Other
Gi-star+srl IP6031W
Gigaeye GB
GoAhead EC-101SD
GoAhead GoAheadWebs
GoAhead IPCAM1
GoAhead IPCAM2
GoAhead Other
GoAhead thedon
GoCam Other
Goclever EYE
Goclever EYE2
Gotake GTK-TH01B
H+264+network+DVR 720p
H+264+network+DVR Other
H.264 Other
H6837WI Other
HD+IPC Other
Heden Other
Heden VisionCam
Heden visionCam
HiSilicon Other
Hikvision DS-2CD2132
Histream RTSP
HooToo HT-IP006
HooToo HT-IP006N
HooToo HT-IP009HDP
HooToo HT-IP206
HooToo HT-IP207F
HooToo HT-IP210HDP
HooToo HT-IP210P
HooToo HT-IP212
HooToo IP009HDP
HooToo Other
HooToo apm-h803-mpc
Hsmartlink Other
Hungtek WIFI
ICAMView Other
ICam I908W
ICam IP-1
ICam Other
ICam Other2
ICam dome
IO+Data Other
IP66 Other
IPC Other
IPC S5030-TF
IPC S5030-m
IPCC 7210W
IPCC x01
IPTeles Other
IPUX ip-100
ISIT Other
IZOtech Other
IeGeek Other
IeGeek ukn
Inkovideo V-104
Iprobot3 Other
JRECam JM3866W
JWcam Other
Jaycar 3834
Jaycar 720P
Jaycar Other
Jaycar QC-3831
Jaycar QC-3832
Jaycar QC-3834
Jaycar QC-3836
Jaycar QC-3839
Jaytech IP6021W
JhempCAM Back
JhempCAM Other
KaiKong 1601
KaiKong 1602w
KaiKong Other
KaiKong SIP
KaiKong SIP1602
KaiKong SIP1602W
KaiKong sip
KaiKong sip1602w
Kenton gjc02
Kinson C720PWIP
Klok Other
Knewmart KW01B
Knewmart KW02B
Kogan Other
Kogan encoder
Kogan kaipc01blkb
Kompernass IUK
Koolertron Other
Koolertron PnP
Koolertron SP-SHEX21-SL
LC+security Other
LW lw-h264tf
LYD H1385H
Lager Other
Leadtek C351
LevelOne 1010/2010
Libor Other
LifeTech MyLifeTech
LifeTech Other
LifeTech dd
Lilly Other
Linq Other
Lloyds 1107
Loftek CXS
Loftek Nexus
Loftek Other
Loftek Sendinel
Loftek Sentinel
LogiLink WC0030A
LogiLink wc0044
Logitech C920
MCL 610
Maginon 100
Maginon 10AC
Maginon 20C
Maginon IP-20c
Maginon IPC
Maginon IPC-1
Maginon IPC-10
Maginon IPC-100
Maginon IPC-100AC
Maginon IPC-10AC
Maginon IPC-2
Maginon IPC-20
Maginon IPC20C
Maginon IPC_1A
Maginon Other
Maginon SUPRA
Maginon Supra
Maginon ipc
Maginon ipc-1a
Maginon ipc100a
Maginon ipx
Maginon w2
Marmitek GM-8126
Maygion IP
Maygion OTHER2
Maygion Other
Maygion V3
Maygion black
Mediatech mt4050
Medisana SmartBabyMonitor
Merlin IP
Merlin Other
Merlin vstc
Messoa Other
Mingyoushi S6203Y-WR
Momentum 2002
Momentum MO-CAM
NTSE Other
Neewer Other
Neewer V-100
Neo+CoolCam NIP
Neo+CoolCam NIP-02(OAM)
Neo+CoolCam NIP-06
Neo+CoolCam NIP-066777-BWESL
Neo+CoolCam NIP-102428-DFBEF
Neo+CoolCam NIP-H20(OZX)
Neo+CoolCam OBJ-007260-LYLDU
Neo+CoolCam Other
Neo+CoolCam neo
Neo+CoolCam nip-11
Neo+CoolCam nip-20
Ness Other
NetView Other
Netcam Dual-HD
Netcam HSL-232245-CWXES
Netcam OUVIS
Netcam Other
Netware Other
Nexxt+Solution Xpy
Nixzen Other
NorthQ NQ-9006
Office+One CM-I11123BK
Office+One IP-900
Office+One IP-99
Office+One Other
Office+One SC-10IP
Office+One ip-900
Office+One ip900
Opexia OPCS
Optica+Video FI-8903W
Optica+Video FI-8918W
Optica+Video Other
Otto 4eye
Overmax CamSpot
Overmax Camspot
OwlCam CP-6M201W
P2p wificam
PCS Other
Panasonic BL-C131A
PeopleFu IPC-674
PeopleFu IPCAM1
PeopleFu IPCAM2
PeopleFu IPCAM3
PeopleFu IPCAM5
Pixpo 1Z074A2A0301627785
Pixpo PIX006428BFYZY
Pixpo PIX009491MLJYM
Pixpo PIX009495HURFE
Pixpo PIX010584DFACE
Plaisio IP
Planex Other
Polariod P351S
Polaroid IP-100
Polaroid IP-101W
Polaroid IP-200B
Polaroid IP-201B
Polaroid IP-350
Polaroid IP-351S
Polaroid IP-360S
Polaroid IP-810W
Polaroid IP-810WZ
Polaroid Other
Polaroid POLIP101W
Polaroid POLIP201B
Polaroid POLIP201W
Polaroid POLIP351S
Polaroid POLIP35i5
PowerLead Caue
PowerLead PC012
ProveCam IP2521
Provision 717
Provision F-717
Provision F-737
Provision PT-737
Provision WP-711
Provision WP-717P
Pyle HD
Pyle HD22
Pyle HD46
Pyle Mine
Pyle Pipcam12
Pyle cam5
Pyle pipcam25
Pyle pipcam5
Q-nest QN-100S
Q-nest qn-100s
Queback 720p
ROHS none
RTX Other
Rollei safetycam-10hd
SES Other
SKJM Other
SVB+International SIP-018262-RYERR
SafeHome 278042
SafeHome 616-W
SafeHome IP601W-hd
SafeHome Other
SafeHome VGA
SafeHome iprobot
Samsung Other
Santec-Video Other
Sarotech IPCAM-1000
Sarotech ip300
Scricam 004
Scricam AP-004
Scricam AP-009
Scricam AP0006
Scricam AP006
Secam+CCTV Other
Seculink 10709
Seculink Other
Secur+Eye xxc5330
Seisa JK-H616WS
Senao PTZ-01H
Sequrecam Other
Sequrecam PNP-125
Sercomm Other
Shenwhen+Neo+Electronic+Co NC-541
Shenwhen+Neo+Electronic+Co Other
Shenwhen+Neo+Electronic+Co X-5000B
Shenzhen 720P
Shixin+China IP-129HW
Siepem IPC
Siepem S5001Y-BW
Siepem S6203y
Siepem S6211Y-WR
Simi+IP+Camera+Viewer Other
Sineoji Other
Sineoji PT-315V
Sineoji PT-3215P
Sineoji PT-325IP
Sinocam Other
Sky+Genious Genious
Skytronic IP
Skytronic IP99
Skytronic Other
Skytronic WiFi
Skytronic dome
SmartEye Other
SmartWares C723IP
SmartWares c724ip
SmartWares c923ip
SmartWares c924ip
Solwise SEC-1002W-IR
Spy+Cameras WF-100PCX
Spy+Cameras WF-110V
Sricam 0001
Sricam 004
Sricam A0009
Sricam A001
Sricam AP-001
Sricam AP-003
Sricam AP-004
Sricam AP-005
Sricam AP-006
Sricam AP-009
Sricam AP-012
Sricam AP-CAM
Sricam AP0009
Sricam AP002
Sricam AP995
Sricam Cam1
Sricam Front
Sricam Home
Sricam Other
Sricam SP005
Sricam SP012
Sricam SP013
Sricam SP015
Sricam SRICAM1
Sricam aj-c2wa-c118
Sricam ap
Sricam ap006
Sricam ap1
Sricam h.264
Sricam sp013
Sricctv A-0006
Sricctv A-009
Sricctv AJ-006
Sricctv AP-0001
Sricctv AP-0005
Sricctv AP-0009
Sricctv AP-001
Sricctv AP-002
Sricctv AP-003
Sricctv AP-004
Sricctv AP-004AF
Sricctv AP-005
Sricctv AP-006
Sricctv AP-007
Sricctv AP-008
Sricctv AP-009
Sricctv AP-011
Sricctv AP-014
Sricctv H-264
Sricctv Other
Sricctv P2P-BLACK
Sricctv P2P-Black
Sricctv SP-007
Sricctv SR-001
Sricctv SR-004
Star+Vedia 6836
Star+Vedia 7837-WIP
Star+Vedia C-7835WIP
Star+Vedia Other
Star+Vedia T-6836WTP
Star+Vedia T-7833WIP
Star+Vedia T-7837WIP
Star+Vedia T-7838WIP
StarCam C33-X4
StarCam EY4
StarCam F6836W
StarCam Other
StarCam c7837wip
Stipelectronics Other
Storage+Options HOMEGUARD
Storage+Options Other
Storage+Options SON-IPC1
Sumpple 610
Sumpple 610S
Sumpple 631
Sumpple 960P
Sumpple S601
Sumpple S610
Sumpple S631
Sumpple S651
Sumpple qd300
Sumpple s631
SunVision+US Other
Sunbio Other
Suneyes Other
Suneyes SP-T01EWP
Suneyes SP-T01WP
Suneyes SP-TM01EWP
Suneyes SP-TM01WP
Suneyes SP-tm05wp
Sunluxy H-264
Sunluxy HZCam
Sunluxy Other
Sunluxy PTZ
Sunluxy SL-701
Supra+Space IPC
Supra+Space IPC-1
Supra+Space IPC-100AC
Supra+Space IPC-10AC
Supra+Space Other11
Supra+Space ipc-20c
Sure-Eye Other
Surecom LN-400
Swann 005FTCD
Swann 440
Swann 440-IPC
Swann ADS-440
Swann ADS-440-PTZ
Swann Other
Swann SWADS-440-IPC
Sygonix 43176A
Sygonix 43558A
Szneo CAM0X
Szneo CoolCam
Szneo NIP
Szneo NIP-0
Szneo NIP-02
Szneo NIP-031
Szneo NIP-031H
Szneo NIP-06
Szneo NIP-12
Szneo NIP-2
Szneo NIP-20
Szneo NIP-210485-ABABC
Szneo NIP-26
Szneo NIP-X
Szneo NP-254095
Szneo Other
Szneo TFD
TAS-Tech Other
Technaxx tx-23
Techview GM8126
Techview QC-3638
Techview qc3839
Temvis Other
Tenda C50S
Tenda c30
Tenda c5+
Tenvis 0012
Tenvis 3815
Tenvis 3815-W
Tenvis 3815W
Tenvis 3815W.
Tenvis 3815W2013
Tenvis IP-319W
Tenvis IP-319w
Tenvis IP-391W
Tenvis IP-391WHD
Tenvis IP-602W
Tenvis IP602W
Tenvis JP-3815W
Tenvis JPT-3814WP2P
Tenvis JPT-3815
Tenvis JPT-3815-P2P
Tenvis JPT-3815W
Tenvis JPT-3815W+
Tenvis JPT-3815WP2P
Tenvis JPT-3815w
Tenvis JPT-3818
Tenvis MINI-319W
Tenvis Mini-319
Tenvis Other
Tenvis PT-7131W
Tenvis TH-661
Tenvis TR-3818
Tenvis TR-3828
Tenvis TR3815W
Tenvis TZ100
Tenvis TZ100/IPROBOT3
Tenvus JPG3815W
Threeboy IP-660
Topcam SL-30IPC01Z
Topcam SL-720IPC02Z
Topcam SL-910IW30
Topica+CCTV Other
Trivision NC-335PW-HD-10
Trust NW-7500
Turbo+X Endurance
Turbo+X IIPC-20
Uokoo 720P
VCatch Other
VCatch VC-MIC720HK
Valtronics IP
Valtronics Other
Vandesc IP900
Vantech Other
Vantech PTZ
Videosec+Security IPC-103
Videosec+Security IPP-105
Vimicro Other
Vitek+CCTV Other
Vstarcam 7823
Vstarcam C-7824WIP
Vstarcam C-7833WIP-X4
Vstarcam C-7833wip
Vstarcam C-7837WIP
Vstarcam C-7838WIP
Vstarcam C50S
Vstarcam C7816W
Vstarcam C7824WIP
Vstarcam C782WIP
Vstarcam C7842WIP
Vstarcam C93
Vstarcam C=7824WIP
Vstarcam Cam360
Vstarcam F-6836W
Vstarcam H-6837WI
Vstarcam H-6837WIP
Vstarcam H-6850
Vstarcam H-6850WIP
Vstarcam H-6850wip
Vstarcam ICAM-608
Vstarcam Other
Vstarcam T-6835WIP
Vstarcam T-6836WTP
Vstarcam T-6892wp
Vstarcam T-7815WIP
Vstarcam T-7833WIP
Vstarcam T-7833wip
Vstarcam T-7837WIP
Vstarcam T-7838WIP
Vstarcam T-7892WIP
Vstarcam T6836WTP
Vstarcam T7837WIP
Vstarcam c7815wip
Vstarcam c7833wip
Vstarcam c7850wip
Wanscam 00D6FB01980F
Wanscam 106B
Wanscam 118
Wanscam 541-W
Wanscam 543-W
Wanscam 790
Wanscam AJ-C0WA-198
Wanscam AJ-C0WA-B106
Wanscam AJ-C0WA-B116
Wanscam AJ-C0WA-B168
Wanscam AJ-C0WA-B1D8
Wanscam AJ-C0WA-C0D8
Wanscam AJ-C0WA-C116
Wanscam AJ-C0WA-C126
Wanscam AJ-C2WA-B118
Wanscam AJ-C2WA-C116
Wanscam AJ-C2WA-C118
Wanscam AJ-C2WA-C198
Wanscam AJ-COWA-B1D8
Wanscam AJ-COWA-C116
Wanscam AJ-COWA-C126
Wanscam AJ-COWA-C128
Wanscam AW00004J
Wanscam B1D8-1
Wanscam C-118
Wanscam C-126
Wanscam Colour
Wanscam FI-18904w
Wanscam FR-4020A2
Wanscam FR4020A2
Wanscam HD-100W
Wanscam HW-0021
Wanscam HW-0022
Wanscam HW-0022HD
Wanscam HW-0023
Wanscam HW-0024
Wanscam HW-0025
Wanscam HW-0026
Wanscam HW-0028
Wanscam HW-0033
Wanscam HW-0036
Wanscam HW-0038
Wanscam HW-0039
Wanscam HW-22
Wanscam HW0030
Wanscam IP
Wanscam JW-0001
Wanscam JW-0003
Wanscam JW-0004
Wanscam JW-0004m
Wanscam JW-0005
Wanscam JW-0006
Wanscam JW-0008
Wanscam JW-0009
Wanscam JW-0010
Wanscam JW-0011
Wanscam JW-0011l
Wanscam JW-0012
Wanscam JW-0018
Wanscam JW-004
Wanscam JW-009
Wanscam JW-CD
Wanscam JW000008
Wanscam JW0009
Wanscam JW001
Wanscam JW0012
Wanscam JW008
Wanscam JWEV
Wanscam JWEV-011777-NSRVV
Wanscam JWEV-011921-RXSXT
Wanscam JWEV-360171-BBEAC
Wanscam JWEV-380096-CECDB
Wanscam NBC-543W
Wanscam NC-530
Wanscam NC-541
Wanscam NC-541/W
Wanscam NC-541W
Wanscam NC-541w
Wanscam NC-543W
Wanscam NCB-534W
Wanscam NCB-540W
Wanscam NCB-541W
Wanscam NCB-541WB
Wanscam NCB-543W
Wanscam NCBL-618W
Wanscam NCH-532MW
Wanscam NCL-610W
Wanscam NCL-612W
Wanscam NCL-616W
Wanscam NCL-S616W
Wanscam Other
Wanscam TG-002
Wanscam WJ-0004
Wanscam WX-617
Wanscam Works
Wanscam XHA-120903181
Wanscam XHA-4020a2
Wanscam __PTZ
Wanscam chiOthernese
Wanscam ip
Wanscam jw0005
Wanscam jw0010
Wansview 541
Wansview 625W
Wansview MCM-627
Wansview N540w
Wansview NCB-534W
Wansview NCB-541W
Wansview NCB-541w
Wansview NCB-543W
Wansview NCB541W
Wansview NCB545W
Wansview NCL-610W
Wansview NCL610D04
Wansview NCL614W
Wansview Other
Wansview dcs543w
Wansview nc543w
Wardmay+CCTV WDM-6702AL
Watch+bot+Camera resup
WebcamXP Other
WinBook Other
WinBook T-6835
WinBook T-6835WIP
WinBook T-7838
Winic NVT-530004
Wise+Group Other
X-Price Other
X10 39A
X10 AirSight
X10 Airsight
X10 Jake
X10 Other
X10 XC-38A
X10 XX-36A
X10 XX-39A
X10 XX-56A
X10 XX-59A
X10 XX-60
X10 XX-69A
X10 XX41Ahome
XVision Other
XXCamera 53100
XXCamera 5330-E
XXCamera Other
XXCamera XXC-000723-NJFJD
XXCamera XXC-092411-DCAFC
XXCamera XXC-50100-H
XXCamera XXC-50100-T
XXCamera XXC-5030-E
XXCamera XXC-53100-T
XXCamera XXC52130
Xin+Ling Other
Yawcam Other
Zilink Other
Zmodo CMI-11123BK
Zmodo IP-900
Zmodo Other
Zodiac+Security 909
Zodiac+Security Other
Zoneway NC638MW-P
ZyXEL Other
alexim Other
alexim cam22822
alias Other
all+in+one+ Other
all+in+one+ b1
all-in-one Other
allecto DVC-150IP
apc Other
asw-006 Other
boh l
bravo Other
bush+plus BU-300WF
ccam p2p
china 8904W
china IPCAM
china Other
china PTZCAM
china np-02
ciana+exports antani
cina Other
coolead L
coolead L610WS
dax Other
denver IPC-320
denver IPO-320
e-landing 720p
eScam QF100
ebw Other
epexis PIPCAMHD82
epexis pipcam5
esecure nvp
geeya C602
geeya P2P
geeya c801
hdcam Other
homeguard 720P
homeguard Other
homeguard Wireless
homeguard wifi
iView ID002A
iView Other
insteon 75790
insteon 75790wh
insteon High
insteon Other
insteon Wireless
iuk 5A1
ivision hdwificam
iwitness bullet
jwt Other
jyacam JYA8010
kadymay KDM-6800
kadymay KDM6702
kadymay KMD-6800
kadymay Other
kang+xun xxc5030-t
kines Other
kiocong 1601
kiocong 1602
kiocong 1609
kiocong Other
kodak 201pl
koicong 1601
l+series CAM0758
l+series CAM0760
l+series Other
l+series V100
logan n8504hh
meyetech 095475-caeca
meyetech 188091-EFBAE
meyetech Other
meyetech WirelessCam
micasaverde VistaCamSD
pipcam HD17
pni 941w
pni IP451W
pni IP541W
pni IP941W
pni IP951W
pni Other
pnp IP
pnp Other
semac Other
skylink WC-300PS
storex D-10H


Brother printers including DCP-9020CDW, MFC-9340CDW, MFC-L2700DW, or MFC-J2510 – Details

HP All in One Printers with Fax capability – Details

HP PageWide, HP OfficeJet Pro printers – Details

Panasonic Printer – Details


Medion LifeCloud Nas  – Details

Netgear ReadyNAS – Details

Netgear Stora  – Details

Seagate Home  – Details

Western Digital My Cloud NAS devices – Details

Western Digital My Book – Details

Wireless Routers

Misfortune Cookie Vulnerability, 12 million router – Long list of routers from Asus to ZTE – Details

Arris NVG589, NVG599 and possibly other modems, routers, gateways sold for AT&T’s U-verse service have a major security hole. If you have one, you need to update it as soon as possible to software newer than 9.2.2 or apply this fix.

CData networking equipment (Cdata, OptiLink, BLIY)- Major backdoors and other issues – Details – The company says these are counterfeit versions.

Cisco RV110W, RV130W, RV215W – Details

Davolink dv2 200 router – Details

D-Link DWR-116, DIR-140L, DIR-640L, DWR-512, DWR-712, DWR-912, DWR-921, DWR-111 and other using similar firmware – Details

D-Link DIR-600l -905l – Details

D-Link DIR-600, DIR-300 – Details

Dlink DWR-932B – Details

Dlink 850L – Details

D-Link DSL-2740R, DSL-2640B, DSL-2780B, DSL-2730B, and DSL-526B – Details

Huawei HG532e – Details

Linksys Wireless Routers Jan 2017 – Details

Linksys E1500/E2500 – Details

Linksys E Series Routers 2018 – Details

MikroTik Routers – Details

Netgear DGN Series- Details

Netgear Routers – 2018 Details 2020 Details

OpenWRT Firmware – Details

Pulse Secure VPN – DetailsPasswords Leaked

Ruckus – Details

Sierra LS300, GX400, GX/ES440, GX/ES450, and
RV50 – Must change default password – Details

Tomato Alternative firmware – Details

TP Link – TL-WR841N – Details

Trendnet TEW-731BR router – Details

Ubiquiti – DetailsDetails

Zyxel NAS542, NAS540, NAS520, NAS326, NSA325 v2, NSA325, NSA320S, NSA320, NSA310S, NSA310, NSA221, NSA220+, NSA220, and NSA210. – Details – Older models will not be patched, must keep NAS behind firewall.  Some Zyxel firewalls also have vulnerability. Stop using ones that are not patched. – Details

These routers have uPNP on by default and should not:

ADB Broadband S.p.A,    HomeStation ADSL Router  
ADB Broadband,    ADB ADSL Router  
ADBB,    ADB ADSL Router  
ALSiTEC,    Broadcom ADSL Router  
ASB,    ADSL Router  
ASB,    ChinaNet EPON Router  
ASB,    ChinaTelecom E8C(EPON) Gateway  
Actiontec,    Actiontec GT784WN  
Actiontec,    Verizon ADSL Router  
BEC Technologies Inc.,    Broadcom ADSL Router  
Best IT World India Pvt. Ltd.,    150M Wireless-N ADSL2+ Router  
Best IT World India Pvt. Ltd.,    iB-WRA300N  
Billion Electric Co., Ltd.,    ADSL2+ Firewall Router  
Billion Electric Co., Ltd.,    BiPAC 7800NXL  
Billion,    BiPAC 7700N  
Billion,    BiPAC 7700N R2  
Binatone Telecommunication,    Broadcom LAN Router  
Broadcom,    ADSL Router  
Broadcom,    ADSL2+ 11n WiFi CPE  
Broadcom,    Broadcom  Router  
Broadcom,    Broadcom ADSL Router  
Broadcom,    D-Link DSL-2640B  
Broadcom,    D-link ADSL Router  
Broadcom,    DLink ADSL Router  
ClearAccess,    Broadcom ADSL Router  
Comtrend,    AR-5383n  
Comtrend,    Broadcom ADSL Router  
Comtrend,    Comtrend single-chip ADSL router  
D-Link Corporation.,    D-Link DSL-2640B  
D-Link Corporation.,    D-Link DSL-2641B  
D-Link Corporation.,    D-Link DSL-2740B  
D-Link Corporation.,    D-Link DSL-2750B  
D-Link Corporation.,    D-LinkDSL-2640B  
D-Link Corporation.,    D-LinkDSL-2641B  
D-Link Corporation.,    D-LinkDSL-2741B  
D-Link Corporation.,    DSL-2640B  
D-Link,    ADSL 4*FE 11n Router  
D-Link,    D-Link ADSL Router  
D-Link,    D-Link DSL-2640U  
D-Link,    D-Link DSL-2730B  
D-Link,    D-Link DSL-2730U  
D-Link,    D-Link DSL-2750B  
D-Link,    D-Link DSL-2750U  
D-Link,    D-Link DSL-6751  
D-Link,    D-Link DSL2750U  
D-Link,    D-Link Router  
D-Link,    D-link ADSL Router  
D-Link,    DVA-G3672B-LTT Networks ADSL Router  
DARE,    Dare router  
DLink,    D-Link DSL-2730B  
DLink,    D-Link VDSL Router  
DLink,    DLink ADSL Router  
DQ Technology, Inc.,    ADSL2+ 11n WiFi CPE  
DQ Technology, Inc.,    Broadcom ADSL Router  
DSL,    ADSL Router  
DareGlobal,    D-Link ADSL Router  
Digicom S.p.A.,    ADSL Wireless Modem/Router  
Digicom S.p.A.,    RAW300C-T03  
Dlink,    D-Link DSL-225  
Eltex,    Broadcom ADSL Router  
FiberHome,    Broadcom ADSL Router  
GWD,    ChinaTelecom E8C(EPON) Gateway  
Genew,    Broadcom ADSL Router  
INTEX,    W150D  
INTEX,    W300D  
INTEX,    Wireless N 150 ADSL2+ Modem Router  
INTEX,    Wireless N 300 ADSL2+ Modem Router  
ITI Ltd.,    ITI Ltd.ADSL2Plus Modem/Router  
Inteno,    Broadcom ADSL Router  
Intercross,    Broadcom ADSL Router  
IskraTEL,    Broadcom ADSL Router  
Kasda,    Broadcom ADSL Router  
Link-One,    Modem Roteador Wireless N ADSL2+ 150 Mbps  
Linksys,    Cisco X1000  
Linksys,    Cisco X3500  
NB,    DSL-2740B  
NetComm Wireless Limited,    NetComm ADSL2+ Wireless Router  
NetComm,    NetComm ADSL2+ Wireless Router  
NetComm,    NetComm WiFi Data and VoIP Gateway  
OPTICOM,    DSLink 279  
Opticom,    DSLink 485  
Orcon,    Genius  
Raisecom,    Broadcom ADSL Router  
Ramptel,    300Mbps ADSL Wireless-N Router  
Router,    ADSL2+ Router  
SCTY,    TYKH PON Router  
Star-Net,    Broadcom ADSL Router  
Starbridge Networks,    Broadcom ADSL Router  
TP-LINK Technologies Co., Ltd,    300Mbps Wireless N ADSL2+ Modem Router  
TP-LINK Technologies Co., Ltd,    300Mbps Wireless N USB ADSL2+ Modem Router  
TP-LINK,    TP-LINK Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router  
TP-LINK,    TP-LINK Wireless ADSL2+ Router  
Technicolor,    CenturyLink TR-064 v4.0  
Tenda,    Tenda ADSL2+ WIFI MODEM  
Tenda,    Tenda ADSL2+ WIFI Router  
Tenda,    Tenda Gateway  
UTStarcom Inc.,    UTStarcom ADSL2+ Modem Router  
UTStarcom Inc.,    UTStarcom ADSL2+ Modem/Wireless Router  
UniqueNet Solutions,    WLAN N300 ADSL2+ Modem Router  
ZTE,    Broadcom ADSL Router  
ZTE,    ONU Router  
ZYXEL,    ZyXEL VDSL Router  
Zhone,    Broadcom ADSL Router  
Zhone,    Zhone Wireless Gateway  
Zoom,    Zoom Adsl Modem/Router  
ZyXEL,    CenturyLink UPnP v1.0  
ZyXEL,    P-660HN-51  
ZyXEL,    ZyXEL xDSL Router  
huaqin,    HGU210 v3 Router  
iBall Baton,    iBall Baton 150M Wireless-N ADSL2+ Router  
iiNet Limited,    BudiiLite  
iiNet,    BoB2  
iiNet,    BoBLite  

Chips used in many products

Realtek rtl81xx SDK with the miniigd daemon – Details


SuperMicro BMC – Details

General Internet of Things Security Tips


Securing Wearable Technology Fitness Devices

Fitness trackers like the Fitbit, Vivosmart, Jawbone Up, Apple Watch, etc connect via Bluetooth.  Some devices use a fixed Bluetooth MAC address, allow criminals or law enforcement to identify you, wherever you go.

More secure fitness trackers like the Apple Watch protect users against tracking by switching the devices address every 10 minutes.

Look for updates from your fitness device’s website to address this issue. Garmin has issued updates to fix this issue.

Federal Trade Commission Makes Asus Improve Router Security

In February 2016, the Federal Trade Commission settled charges with Asus, over critical security flaws in its routers that put the home networks of hundreds of thousands of consumers at risk.

Finally!, the government is forcing these manufacturers to fix wireless routers that can be come huge security holes. This precedent should cause Internet of Things makers to also fix issues, or be subject to lawsuits.


IOT devices are great, but introduce a new level of complexity and security holes for hackers to break in.

Do you worry about getting hacked through your gadgets?

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