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Last Update: 6/16/2019

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Here are some resources for free internet security software from major vendors. Most of the software is free for home users, while businesses need to purchase a license. We divide the free software into different categories including internet security suites, antivirus, antispyware, and intrusion detection and prevention.

Internet Security Software Downside – Spying on You

Any internet security program needs to watch the sites you visit for malicious activity, this includes secure sites (https://)  To watch your secure browsing activity, security suites need to replace the security certificates with their own, performing a man in the middle (MITM) attack essentially.

Hopefully this snooping is all in the name of security, not in stealing your credit card, banking information, or identity. You can read more about Avast.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus is often free after rebate but no longer recommended.

1. ISP Provided Free Security Software

Subscribers to certain internet service providers get access to free commercial internet security software. There’s no need to pay a dime for top notch security software.

Century link – Free F-Secure suite.

Charter – Charter security suite.

Comcast – Norton Internet for Mac and PC.

Cox – Free McAfee internet security software.

Optimum – Free CA Internet Security Suite.

Road Runner – Free CA Internet Security Suite.

Verizon – Charges $5.99/mo for internet security software, select one of the free options below instead.

2. Free Internet Security Suite

There are very few Free internet security suites. Most users pick and choose programs from the various categories below to create their own free Internet security suite.

agnitum – Outpost Internet Security Suite is one of the few free suites. – Free Internet Security Suite

3. Free Antivirus  Download

Free PC Antivirus Download that both scans and repairs files. Automatic update virus signatures updating is a must, as is scheduled virus scans. – AVG Free version. – avas!! Free Antivirus includes Web reputation feedback. – Avira Antivirus Personal – We like this one. – Bitdefender Free Edition – on demand scanner. not automatic, so we recommend only using this for single purpose scans, i.e. when you are trying to remove an infection. Clamwin – Free & Open source – Security Essentials, Only works with Genuine copies of Windows.

Panda Cloud Antivirus  – Free, lightweight. – PC Tools Free Antivirus

PC Magazine Best antivirus article.

Sophos – Free PC and Mac Antivirus

Virus removal tools:

AVG Rescue CD – Bootable CD

Hiren’s BootCD – Older antivirus versions

McAfee Labs Stinger

Sophos Anti-Rootkit

Beware of fake Antivirus Software especially those from popup Ads, spam advertisements, and bad Google search results. When in doubt use one of the links above. ‘Scareware‘ that performs fake antivirus scans and make you pay for phony fixes has exploded.

4. Free PC Firewall Software

PC Firewall Software is built into Windows 7 and Vista but power users may want more control, so consider installing one of the following. – Free Firewall & Anti-virus, plus proactive security

Glasswire – New modern firewall – PC Tools Firewall Plus

agnitum – Outpost Internet Security Suite is one of the few free suites.

5. Free Antispyware Software

These utilities are mainly useful when you have been infected with malware and need to ensure that you have remove all traces of it.

Ad-aware – Also one of the first antispyware apps. Free for personal home use.

ComboFix is free software that helps remove virulent malware.  It can be run from the Windows Recovery Console.

Emsisoft Anti-Malware – German antimalware

F-Secure has a free bootable Rescue CD that allows you to fix a computer that no longer starts up correctly.

Malwarebytes – Designed to clean out all types of malicious malware.

Spybot – One of the first anti-spyware apps that has faded in popularity. – Detect and remove Spyware, Adware and Remove Malware, Trojans, and more.

ThreatFire AntiVirus – Actively defends against new threats.

6. Free Anti-Phishing Toolbars

Most anti-virus or internet security software provides anti-phishing support built-in. If your security software does not include this feature, consider installing on of these toolbars.

Traffic Light – From bitdefender, unobtrusive web threat control

Netcraft Anti-Phishing Toolbar – Community based anti phishing toolbar.

7. Intrusion prevention and detection

Intrusion prevention and detection software is designed to watch network traffic and prevent attacks on your network. This software is typically targeted towards small to mid-sized businesses. – Open source network intrusion prevention and detection system (IDS/IPS)

Syslog watcher – Syslog Watcher can collect, parse, store and analyze syslogs. Not really an intrusion prevention, however users can examine router and firewall logs looking for intrusions.

Kiwi Syslog Server – Receive and manage syslog messages from network devices.

8. Anti-Virus Review Sites that compare security software – Reviews security software. – Independent comparatives of Anti-Virus software

PC Magazine – Online review site with security software reviews.

Virus Bulletin – Independent anti-virus software test lab

Virus total scanner – Scan files, you submit, online using multiple virus engines. This process is slow because you have to upload the files to their servers.
Jotti’s Malware Scan – Scan files, you submit, online using multiple virus engines
NoVirusThanks – Threat analysis APIs, tools to prevent virus

OPSWAT Metascan – Scan files, you submit, online using multiple virus engines

9. Malware Analyzers – Analyze the behavior of files you upload:


Any Run
Comodo Instant Analysis

10. Misc Security Software

SuRun is very configurable implementation of Run as Administrator.

There are many free alternatives in Internet security software for the PC. Hopefully the lists of programs above satisfy your needs for internet security software.

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