Updated Safe Gadget Security News – Security Alerts 2018

The following alerts have been updated to reflect new and important security protection schemes:

2/8/2018: Lenovo PCs with fingerprint readers need to be updated. Lenovo laptops with certain Broadcom Wi-Fi chips also need an update

1/12/2018: Laptops for Business use may have Intel AMT. You need to configure it or else your open to Intel AMT attacks.

1/5/2018: Meltdown and Spectre are 2 new processor chip bugs that affect most modern computers, smartphones, and tablets.  They will need software updates to mitigate this bad bug. More Details – Older system without updates are dangerous to continue to use. Time to buy new hardware.

11/21/2017: Quad9 is a free DNS Domain Name Service that helps prevent users from accessing malicious sites.  Run by IBM Security, Packet Clearing House (PCH) and The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA)

11/1/2017: Windows 10 controlled folder access anti-ransomeware is part of the Fall Creators Update.  It works well and should be used by all Windows 10 users.

10/16/2017: KRACK attack on Wi-Fi. Attackers can use this novel attack technique to read information that was previously assumed to be safely encrypted.  Virtually ALL Wi-Fi equipped devices need to be updated.  The attack is particularly bad on Android 6.0 and Linux. If you have a device with no updates (eg Internet of Things), you will be open to attacks. Using a VPN helps.

10/6/2017: Kaspersky has been implicated in stealing data from the NSA.  Uninstall any of their antivirus software right away.  It is now banned in the US government. Best Buy has stopped selling it.

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Free Software for Internet Security, Computer Protection on Windows Computers

Last Update: 1/30/2018

Optional Software from Microsoft and Other Third Party Developers is a crucial part of adding computer security to your Windows based PC. We recommend a minimal set of crucial network security software add-ons that we feel all users should install. Here are several extremely useful free security oriented software utilities from Microsoft, that are not bundled with the operating system. These programs add additional security for Windows and are free to download.

Before you make any changes to your system, always back it up.

Google Docs can replace Microsoft Word and Excel. Doing so helps prevent many of the security holes in Microsoft Office including Flash based bugs.

Windows 7 Security Software Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials – Free anti-virus software from Microsoft that is a no-brainer for everyone. Microsoft Security Essentials can also be used by small business on up to 10 PCs! It includes automatic updates and is easy to use.

Windows 7 Security Software Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer

Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer – Scans your system for security problems, missing or obsolete Windows components and patches. This is oriented towards small and medium sized businesses but can also be used by consumers.

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