Free Security How to: Internet Security, Computer Protection with Addon Software on Macintosh

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We continue our coverage of Macintosh security with this article. Previously, we covered Free Security How to: Computer Security, Computer Protection on Macintosh.

The Mac can be made even more secure through the installation of third party utility software. Several programs listed below are free, while others cost money. Consider the free tools first, and supplement them with paid products if necessary.

Keeping Your Mac Clean

It’s important to make sure that old software or unused browser cache files, that could be simply wasting space and causing your system to run slower, are removed when they are not needed. Old software that has not received any new updates or software whose developer has dropped support for, can also pose as a security risk, especially if the software needs to access the Internet. The following optional third party Macintosh software helps fix problems like this.

Optional Mac OS X 3rd Party Software

Keeping your Mac Clean:

0: Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition

A free anti-virus program for the Macintosh from major security software vendor Sophos. Supports Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.

Macintosh Security Software Onyx

1. Onyx:

You can us Onyx (free) to delete old cache files, run time scripts, and run tons of other verifications and log dumps. It’s an all-around amazing application that will not only clean out your Mac but keep it running fast.

Macintosh Security Software App Zapper

2. AppZapper

You can use AppZapper to completely get rid of unwanted installed software. It’s an excellent, easy to use application that does what it says. It comes with other great features, like organizing and keeping all your application licensing information. It is fast and has an easy to use and attractive interface. The software has limited free functionality.

Macintosh Security Software ClamXAV Antivirus

3. ClamXav

ClamXav is a free antivirus scanner, and relies on the open source ClamAV antivirus engine. It’s an effective, fast, and lightweight antivirus solution that has a great price tag of $0.

Windows 7 Security Software Truecrypt

4. Truecrypt

Truecrypt is one of the best encryption programs out there and it is free. With algorithms that have the FBI scratching their heads, and an easy to use encryption, Truecrypt is a great alternative to Mac OS X’s own Filevault if you feel you need the extra protection. With features such as Hidden Volumes, Automatic real time encrypting, Plausible Deniability, Parallelization and Pipelining, it’s hard to find any better encryption software on the market. It’s also open source, and completely free.

Macintosh Security Software Virus Barrier

5. Virus Barrier

Virus Barrier is a full antivirus malware scanning application with plenty of features, like customizable scan times, Bootcamp volume scans (only in the X6 version), fixes for Windows viruses, fixes for Linux viruses, keylogger eradication, and plenty more.  It comes in three versions, Free, Plus, and X6. The paid versions (Plus and X6) can be pretty big memory hogs and don’t add much value, unless you are mainly working with Windows volumes on your Mac. But the free version has little impact on normal performance and will keep your Mac safe while also stopping you from spreading Windows viruses. The Free and Plus versions are available on the Mac App Store.

Macintosh Security Software OptimUSB

6. OptimUSB

Available in the Mac App Store for $12.95, OptimUSB comes in several languages and optimizes your USB flash drives and external drives. What’s interesting about OptimUSB is that it also includes an antivirus scan that will prevent you from spreading viruses to your external and USB flash drives (similar to Panda’s USB Vaccine). You can run it before you eject your drives and it will get rid of all the DS. Store, on any other temporary Mac files that you do not need.

Macintosh Security Software DoorStop X

7. DoorStop X Security Suite

OpenDoor’s DoorStop X Security Suite has been around for quite a while, costs money, but has promise. Their expanded firewall is easy to use and provides complete security and firewall protection (even more features than Mac OS X’s own firewall protection). OpenDoor has been developing since Mac OS 8, and they are committed to providing great support and plenty of updates. Considered one of the best Third Party firewall suites, DoorStop X Security Suite is maybe worth the $79 price tag if you feel you still need the extra protection and are not a novice user.

8. Free Internet Security Software From Your ISP

Some internet service providers distribute free secure Macintosh security software to their subscribers. For instance, Comcast – Xfinity has a free copy of Norton Internet Security for Mac for their internet subscribers. Be sure to check with your ISP before purchasing any big name Macintosh security software.

By applying several free Macintosh security utilities, we can significantly increase the security of our Macintosh MacBook notebooks and Macintosh desktops.

This concludes our Free Security How to: Computer Security and Computer Protection on a Windows computer article. Other articles on help you secure the other aspects of your personal computer, including How to Set up a Secure Wireless Network, and How to Secure Internet Explorer article, or How to Secure Firefox Article. Please see our other articles on security tips for your e-mail, iPad, online banking, online shopping, smart phones, and more.

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