Android Smartphone Security, How to securely use your Android Smartphone or Tablet

Last Updated: May 18, 2018

Android Smartphone,Samsung Galaxy 2, T-Mobile

Google’s Android operating system powers many popular cellphones including the popular Samsung Galaxy S8. Most Android Smartphone users as well as most of the pubic at large do not think very much about security.

If your phone is not running the latest Android security patches, you are open to attack. A recent Wall Street Journal article showed that only 2.8% of Android devices have the latest security patches. Compare that to 79% of iPhones due to Apple’s uniform eco-system.

Google Play Protect

  • Be sure your device is running Google Play Protect.  It scans for Malware and bad apps. This was release in July 2017 and runs on Google Play Services 11 or higher. This is a unification of Android security systems like Verify Apps, browser protection, and anti-theft measures.

Most Up to Date Android Smartphone

This flagship phone runs the latest Android version and is patched regularly. Sold directly from Google or from a couple wireless carriers.

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