Updated Safe Gadget Security News – Security Alerts 2019

The following alerts have been updated to reflect new and important security protection schemes:

10/1/2019: iOS 13 has a handy feature to stop unwanted calls.  You can set the phone to send unknown callers straight to voicemail! (Those not in your contacts) – Settings – Phone – Silence Unknown Callers

5/12/2019: Thrangrycat Attacks Cisco Switches, Firewall and routers.  Update and patch now

3/19/2019: Windows 10 is loading more and more crap.  These scripts let you uninstall the junkware and reclaim privacy.

2/1/2019: Google has patch a major bug in Android where you can get hacked just by looking at a picture in a SMS, Email, or web page!  Update your Android software right away.  If your phone no longer gets updates, please consider buying a new one.

1/2019: Marvell’s Wi-Fi chip is used in millions of devices.  Unfortunately, it has a major security flaw. Look for updates soon.  Devices that have no way to get updated are worrisome.

12/2018: Marriott – Starwood Hotels got hacked, leaking a ton of data. Change your credit card if you booked there.

10/4/2018: Bloomberg reports that China has infiltrated major tech companies by compromising servers from their Chinese factories.  Never trust your hardware!

8/24/2018: HP Inkjet printers with Fax capability have a Faxploit exploit where someone could fax you a special page and take over your entire network. Patch now.

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