Updated Safe Gadget Security News – Security Alerts 2020

The following alerts have been updated to reflect new and important security protection schemes:

8/1/2020: Netgear has major issues with many of its wireless routers.  Update now. Some will never be updated, if you have one of these obsolete routers, buy a new one.

7/23/2020: C-Data networking (Cdata, OptiLink, BLIY) equipment has multiple back doors. – The company says these are counterfeit versions.

1/22/2020: SIM Swap compromises using your smartphone to get text messages to authenticate with websites. Avoid using text messages to do rescue logins.  A new paper from Princeton researchers shows how easy it is to pull off a SIM Swap against AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and others.  Send text messages to a VoIP number such as Google Voice  instead. Do not allow Google Voice to forwards Texts/Calls to your main number.

1/20/2020: Virtually all Cablemodems have the Cable Haunt critical vulnerability. Call you cable operator an ask them to upate your cablemodem’s software now. You cannot do it on your own.

12/10/2019: Google Smart Lock is also a great way to generate second factor authentication but using your iPhone or Android phone and their app.

10/1/2019: iOS 13 has a handy feature to stop unwanted calls.  You can set the phone to send unknown callers straight to voicemail! (Those not in your contacts) – Settings – Phone – Silence Unknown Callers

5/12/2019: Thrangrycat Attacks Cisco Switches, Firewall and routers.  Update and patch now

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