Updated Safe Gadget Security Tutorials – Security Alerts 2017

The following alerts have been updated to reflect new and important security protection schemes:

9/8/2017: In September 2017, Equifax got hacked affecting 143 Million customers. (Almost everyone!) Equifax is offering complimentary identity theft protection. – Do more! Setup a Credit Freeze.

9/1/2017: Arris NVG589, NVG599 and possibly other modems, routers, gateways sold for AT&T’s U-verse service have a major security hole. If you have one, you need to update it as soon as possible to software newer than 9.2.2 or apply this fix.

5/12/2017: Wanna Cry ransomware is spreading fast.  It exploits a Microsoft bug that was patched in March 2017.  It is more infectious because it can spread throughout a local network.

WannaKiwi – Decrypts files WannaCryp ransomware. Do not reboot after getting infected.

A basic lesson in patching right away and stop running old Operating systems.  Microsoft took the unusual step to put out a Windows XP, 8 , Windows Server 2003 patch to help stop this. If you use any of these OS’s, upgrade to Windows 10 now.

4/12/2017: 2 easy ways to increase your security and not have to constantly update are:

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