Updated Safe Gadget Security Tutorials – Security Alerts 2017

The following alerts have been updated to reflect new and important security protection schemes:

2/16/2017: Apricorn makes a secure USB flash drives that require a pin code to be entered before they function.  No software or drivers required, so it works with any operating system. Dust and water resistant durable aluminium housing

2/2/2017: Laser Printers are vulnerable to security issues. Popular printer models manufactured by Dell, Brother, Konica, Samsung, HP, and Lexmark are all affected.

2/1/2017: Netgear has updated firmware for many routers that fixes a major security hole.

1/30/2017: Security minded people use VPNs to secure their communications. Many Android VPN clients have privacy and security risks.  Be careful which you use.

12/12/2016: 26 different low cost Android devices on the MTK platform have Trojan horses built in.

12/8/2016: Keyless Car Entry: Security minded folks would never buy a car that has this feature. The National Insurance Crime Bureau has a post on how a Mystery Device is used to relay your key fob’s signal to steal cars.  It is best to wrap your key fob in foil or some RF blocking shield when you are away from the vehicle.

11/30/2016: Gooligan Malware has infected over 1million Android phones, most of which downloaded apps outside the official Google Play store. Check your email address

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