Updated Safe Gadget Security Tutorials – Security Alerts 2017

The following alerts have been updated to reflect new and important security protection schemes:

4/12/2017: 2 easy ways to increase your security and not have to constantly update are:

4/4/2017: Google Project Zero has found a major flaw in a WiFi chip that is used on many Android and iPhones. Hackers can run malware on devices. Apple iOS 10.3.1 and newer fixes the bug. Android patches are rolling out soon. Make sure you update your device. Any phone that does not get security updates any more, should be recycled and replaced.

3/16/2017: Matthew Green, a well respected cryptographer and professor at Johns Hopkins has a great article discussing Secure Computing – Desktops vs Smartphones, iOS vs Android and more..

3/15/2017: ID Thieves are using the IRS and filing fake tax returns. Remember that the IRS never calls or sends email to you.  They use old fashion US mail.

2/16/2017: Apricorn makes a secure USB flash drives that require a pin code to be entered before they function.  No software or drivers required, so it works with any operating system. Dust and water resistant durable aluminium housing

2/2/2017: Laser Printers are vulnerable to security issues. Popular printer models manufactured by Dell, Brother, Konica, Samsung, HP, and Lexmark are all affected.

2/1/2017: Netgear has updated firmware for many routers that fixes a major security hole.

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