Updated Safe Gadget Security Tutorials – Security Alerts 2017

The following alerts have been updated to reflect new and important security protection schemes:

3/16/2017: Matthew Green, a well respected cryptographer and professor at Johns Hopkins has a great article discussing Secure Computing – Desktops vs Smartphones, iOS vs Android and more..

3/15/2017: ID Thieves are using the IRS and filing fake tax returns. Remember that the IRS never calls or sends email to you.  They use old fashion US mail.

2/16/2017: Apricorn makes a secure USB flash drives that require a pin code to be entered before they function.  No software or drivers required, so it works with any operating system. Dust and water resistant durable aluminium housing

2/2/2017: Laser Printers are vulnerable to security issues. Popular printer models manufactured by Dell, Brother, Konica, Samsung, HP, and Lexmark are all affected.

2/1/2017: Netgear has updated firmware for many routers that fixes a major security hole.

1/30/2017: Security minded people use VPNs to secure their communications. Many Android VPN clients have privacy and security risks.  Be careful which you use.

12/12/2016: 26 different low cost Android devices on the MTK platform have Trojan horses built in.

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