Facebook Privacy Settings to Limit Sharing

Last Updated: 10/18/2018

Note: Facebook has committed to making these settings easier to find, so there may be some variance in what we depict below.

A September 2018 security hole in Facebook allowed 50 Million accounts to be accessed by hackers.  Check to see if you were affected.

Facebook reached a new low in March 2018. A massive data compromise was exposed that allowed Cambridge Analytica to obtain extensive psychographic information about 50 million Facebook users in 2014. This data was probably used to manipulate the 2016 Presidential elections.

Let’s be honest, in exchange for using this FREE service, you upload text, pictures, videos for Facebook to learn more about you. They then use this personal information to sell ads and more.  There is no free lunch. Facebook is a money making machine, not your friend.

Short of deleting Facebook and Facebook messenger, This is how you can adjust your Facebook Privacy Settings to protect yourself.

Two Factor Authentication

In September 2018 it became know that Facebook uses your second factor authentication for advertising purposes!  Do not use your phone number or another email address, instead use the option of employing Google Authenticator.

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