Free Software for Internet Security, Computer Protection on Windows Computers

Last Update: 7/25/2020

Optional Software from Microsoft and Other Third Party Developers is a crucial part of adding computer security to your Windows based PC. We recommend a minimal set of crucial network security software add-ons that we feel all users should install. Here are several extremely useful free security oriented software utilities from Microsoft, that are not bundled with the operating system. These programs add additional security for Windows and are free to download.

Before you make any changes to your system, always back it up.

Google Docs can replace Microsoft Word and Excel. Doing so helps prevent many of the security holes in Microsoft Office including Flash based bugs.

Windows Firewall Control customizes Windows 10’s built in firewall. You can control outbound traffic if you set it to Medium filtering or High.

Windows 7 Security Software Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials – For Windows 7. Free anti-virus software from Microsoft that is a no-brainer for everyone. Microsoft Security Essentials can also be used by small business on up to 10 PCs! It includes automatic updates and is easy to use. Newer versions of Windows include Windows Defender.

Windows 7 Security Software Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer

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